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Watches with fresh and refined quality craftsmanship

Are you interested in contemporary, modern watches? If so, welcome to the Jazzmaster collection. Drawing on Hamilton’s long history and tradition of producing quality men's and women's watches the Jazzmaster offers a refined look for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Quality craftsmanship is a mark of the Jazzmaster collection, where you’ll find the ideal timepiece for milestone moments, and beyond.

  • Open Heart Auto
  • Open Heart Lady Auto
  • Viewmatic Auto
  • Thinline Small Second Quartz
  • Thinline Quartz
  • Power Reserve Auto
  • Day Date Auto
  • Auto Chrono
  • Chrono Quartz
  • Gent Quartz
  • Traveler GMT Auto
  • Thinline Auto
  • Thinline Chrono Quartz
  • Maestro Auto Chrono
  • Viewmatic Skeleton Gent Auto
  • Viewmatic Skeleton Lady
  • Regulator Auto
  • Lady Quartz
  • Viewmatic Lady Auto
  • Lady Auto
  • Skeleton Auto
  • Seaview Day Date Quartz
  • Seaview Chrono Quartz
  • Small Second Auto
  • Face 2 Face II Auto Chrono
Open Heart Auto
Traveler GMT Auto
Seaview Day Date Quartz
Seaview Chrono Quartz
Face 2 Face II Auto Chrono