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Pilot Watches

Made for modern aviators

These watches combine adventure and accuracy for a unique flying watch selection.

Military watches

Resilient, robust and ready for anything

Tested by the best since they were first produced for the U.S. military in the 1940s.

Cinema watches

Hamilton watches from the cinema screen
Watch appearances in movies are dominated by Hamilton watches in films.

Day Date watches

Functionality seamlessly meets style
 These watches not only tell time, but also display the day of the week and the date, with precision and accuracy.

Best sellers

Shop by Style

Dress Watches

Timepieces to keep on time and in style

Find the perfect addition to your weekday wardrobe.

Unique watches

 Dare to be different

Watches to stand out from the crowd.

Black watches

When you’re drawn to the dark side, don’t fight it

Embrace black color in style with one of these wrist watches.

Steel watches

A classic look
Explore our huge selection of stainless steel bracelet watches and find one that fits your style.

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