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영화 속 시계 영화에 출연한 해밀턴 영화 시계

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  1. 해밀턴 x 듄: 파트 2
    해밀턴 x 듄: 파트 2 해밀턴은 영화 제작자들과 함께 작업하며 드니 빌뇌브(Denis Villeneuve) 감독의 비전에 생명을 불어넣고 스크린 안팎에서 이를 구현해냈습니다.

영화에 등장하는 시계의 대부분은 아마 해밀턴 시계일 것입니다. 500여 편이 넘는 영화에 출연하면서 영화 산업계에 그 이름을 널리 알린 해밀턴의 시계는 영화, 그리고 대형 스크린의 중심에서 눈부시게 빛납니다. 헐리우드 액션 영화에서 공상과학 클래식에 이르기까지 다양한 장르에서 활약 중인 해밀턴은 일명 무비 브랜드가 되어, 유명 영화에 등장하여 강렬한 존재감을 남긴 시계로 기억되고 있습니다.

Lights, camera, action: Hamilton watches in movies make their mark

In 1932, a time-telling star was born. The movie was “Shanghai Express”, which featured Hamilton Flintridge and Piping Rock watches, alongside actors Marlene Dietrich and Clive Brook. The venerable timepieces, much more than mere props, needed no audition for their roles and played an integral part in the plot.

Since their stellar red-carpet debut, Hamilton watches have appeared in more than feature films and TV shows. From classics to comedies, from outer space to inside jobs, Hamilton’s movie watches have kept Hollywood heroes on schedule when time was of the utmost importance. Whether Hamilton watches are on-screen or behind the scenes, their accuracy and precision keeps characters and plots running on perfect time.

Making the cut: Hamilton’s movie watch legacy grows

For the award-winning movie “The Frogmen”, Hamilton watches were chosen for both their authenticity and their accuracy. Hamilton’s superior quality first captured the attention of the American military in 1914, and during WWII earned the reputable watchmaker five prestigious Army-Navy ‘E’ Awards for manufacturing excellence. As the 1951 production of “The Frogmen” depicted the true story of a group of U.S. Navy divers during WWII, Hamilton’s Frogman timepiece was the ideal historical fit, and the perfect watch for this captivating movie.

Possibly Hamilton’s most iconic watch, the Ventura made its big screen debut on the wrist of megastar Elvis Presley in “Blue Hawaii”. The King of Rock and Roll took to the Ventura and wore his stylish timepiece on- and off-screen.

Impeccable timing is a must as the world’s most famous spy, and nothing less than a Hamilton watch would do for James Bond himself. For his role as 007 in the 1973 hit “Live and Let Die”, Roger Moore donned Hamilton’s Pulsar, the first digital timepiece with an LED display. Modern-day special operatives and adventurers can keep equally precise time with the revived version of the Pulsar, the Hamilton PSR .

Agent H²: the modern pairing of Hamilton watches from movies and Hollywood

Having firmly established their reputation as ‘the movie brand’, with numerous earthbound Hollywood appearances, Hamilton became the watchmaker of choice for intergalactic protectors and time-traveling heroes.

The Khaki Field Murph is precisely the watch the heroes of the 2014 blockbuster hit “Interstellar“ used for communication through time and space. Elvis’ enduring favorite, the Ventura made its own interstellar comeback as a key component in the ultra-stylish uniform worn by “Men in Black” agents. The Khaki BeLOWZERO 1000m Auto kept Matt Damon’s character apprised of time on Earth in “The Martian”, and a custom version of the Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO Titanium Auto played the perfect sidekick in “Tenet”. James Marsden strapped on a Khaki Field Mechanical when befriending the world’s speediest hedgehog in the live-action adventure comedy “Sonic the Hedgehog”.

Hamilton watches also play the trusted timekeeper of formidable CIA analyst Jack Ryan in the Amazon Prime TV series, “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”. Jack Ryan stays ready for action, foiling terrorist plots with his Khaki Field Auto Chrono, and those with an eagle eye will spot the Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Wind Auto Chrono in a supporting role.

Hamilton’s wide array of movie watches are full of character and bring out the superhero in everyone with accurate timekeeping and unsurpassed style.

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