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진정한 워치메이킹을 향한 열정과 혁신을 향한 본능은 해밀턴을 이끄는 힘입니다. 대담한 실험 정신을 발휘해 모두를 위해 끊임없이 더 나은 시간을 만드는 것 – 최고의 타임피스를 만드는 사람도, 혁신적인 웹페이지를 개발하는 사람도 모두 동일한 목표를 갖고 움직입니다. 전 세계 각지의 직원과 함께 하는 해밀턴은 다양성을 통해 독창성이 발전되고 새로운 아이디어에 영감이 불어올 수 있다고 굳게 믿고 있습니다.

변화를 일으킬 준비가 되셨나요? 해밀턴 팀과 함께 모험을 시작해 보세요.

  • ICT System Specialist 100%


    We are looking for an ICT System Specialist to join our international brand. The ideal candidate will deal with the operation of ICT (Information & Communication technology) systems and the users of such systems. As a rule, the candidate will carry out customer service-oriented activities. In order to rectify incidents, the ideal candidate must have the necessary knowledge to be able to tackle and solve the problem in a targeted manner. We value self-starters who aren’t afraid to bring bold ideas to the table. If that’s sounds like you, apply below!


    • Coordination with Swatch Group Service Desk and IT Field Services to maintain standards and functionalities, follow up of open tickets
    • Onsite IT support: perform troubleshooting when technological equipment are not working as they should
    • Management of IT purchase orders and invoices and inventory of hardware and software
    • SharePoint 2019 site administration, management of access rights, setup of Nintex forms/workflows and business users support
    • Coordination of staff entries, transfers and exits for IT items such as: procurement, mobile device, hardware, software and accounts setup
    • IT training for newcomers and end users on how to use hardware, software and cloud-based services
    • Responsibility of the system documentation, system guidelines and internal IT control
    • Basic development of proposed solutions and decision-making for simple systems based on the recorded requirements
    • Capacity to evaluate hardware and application software


    • Federal certificate of competence as an IT specialist, additional IT training an asset
    • excellent organizational skills and multi-tasking
    • strong interest for company business
    • process oriented, responsible and pro-active
    • autonomous at problems solving
    • effective time management
    • wide knowledge of IT concepts and skilled for IT project coordination
    • analytical and synthetic skills
    • open minded and dynamic
    • good communicator
    • Native French or German speaker with excellent spoken and written knowledge in English


    At Hamilton, we look for individuals who have set themselves apart with a commitment to excellence and a curious spirit. Successful members of our company have a hands-on personality, as well as excellent communication and organization skills. They develop and implement bold initiatives that strategically balance risk and outcome expectations. We bring passion and enthusiasm to every project and value people who work hard to meet their goals. This role will be both challenging and rewarding for the right candidate.


    We are looking forward to receiving your online application. Applications must include a motivation letter and CV, as well as letters of references and copies of relevant transcripts and/or diplomas.


    Joëlle Martin

    Human Resources


    Domain: IT
    Position: Non Management
    Contract: Unlimited contract
    Working time: Full Time
    Location: 2504 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

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