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Pilot Watches Our pilot watches are made for modern aviators

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    KHAKI AVIATION PILOT AIR-GLACIERS Crafted with direct input from the Air-Glaciers helicopter pilots.

Are you looking for the best pilot watch? Hamilton is a great place to start. With more than 100 years of experience making aviation watches, automatic pilot watches and pilot chronographs are just some of the aviation options in our extensive collection. These watches combine adventure and accuracy for a unique flying watch selection.

Taking off: crafting iconic pilot watches

The 20th century heralded the start of an intriguing era in aviation history trail blazed by pioneering aviators such as the Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart. With the development of practical aircraft and the introduction of the U.S. Airmail system, keeping time was incredibly important as pilots navigated the skies from coast to coast and across the Atlantic. Thus, a pioneer of pilot’s watches joined aviators on board for this remarkable new journey, and Hamilton watches became synonymous with keeping aviators on a precise schedule.

The years spanning World War I and World War II saw tremendous advancements in aviation technology. Quaint biplanes formed of wood made way for sleek, high-powered metallic aircraft that defied gravity as they soared to new heights. As a robust commercial aviation industry grew worldwide, so did the need for accurate timekeeping.

Hamilton has journeyed with jetsetters for over a century, developing and innovating timepieces for pilots, high-flyers and adventurers. Hamilton’s abundant and modern pilot watch collection includes automatic and chronograph watches to suit every taste and style.

Timing matters: The pilot watch trusted to stay on schedule

Since the inception of the U.S. Airmail system, the aviation industry has entrusted precision timing in the sky to Hamilton.

Already well established at providing crucial time solutions for the railway industry, Hamilton was a natural choice for aviation timekeeping. Through enduring innovation and the perfect pairing of Swiss precision and a classic American soul, Hamilton continues to live up to its tradition of high quality and high tech aviation timepieces.

High flyers: Pilot watches pair timeless style with modern innovation

Modern aviation has grown significantly from its primitive roots of hot air balloons and Zeppelins. Through innovation, Hamilton watches for pilots have also greatly evolved from mere timepieces to multi-functional devices with indispensable features for aviators and adventurers alike.

Many of Hamilton’s pilot watches are automatic, retaining their historical accuracy with all the convenience a modern pilot or jetsetter requires. Hamilton’s movements feature superior power reserves of up to 80 hours, ensuring accurate time at a second’s glance throughout long-haul flights, and beyond. Pilots may rest assured that time will be precisely kept without the requirement of manual winding to recharge.

Hamilton’s pilot chronograph watches track time effortlessly and precisely through two extra push buttons that start, stop and reset the stopwatch. Easily convert feet to meters, miles to kilometers, and currency, and measure the crucial elements of crosswinds and drift angles with the inner rotating bezel on watches such as the Khaki Aviation X-Wind Auto Chrono.

Pilot watches are customizable with wristbands crafted from high-quality materials to create a bespoke style. Whether fastened by the finest leather or by NATO straps with robust military character, Hamilton’s watches for pilots evoke the daring and historical charm of the golden era of aviation. The Khaki Aviation series, with timeless models including the Khaki Pilot Auto Chrono, pays homage to Hamilton’s strong military and aviation heritage.

Durable and compact, Hamilton’s aviation timepieces elevate the style of men and women who seek an authentic and timeless watch created for flying, and brimming with character and history.

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