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Hamilton GMT watches have all the same high-quality Swiss watch attributes of our other models, with one significant difference. With the ability to show two time zones on the same dial, these GMT automatic movements give you twice the Hamilton quality timekeeping in one watch. A significant feature of men’s watches, pilots watches and worldtimers, the GMT movement is guaranteed to appeal to watch lovers, adventurers and world travelers.

Keep the world on your wrist

From keeping time on the early American railroads to assisting the first flights from California to Hawaii, Hamilton watches have long been sought out by the dynamic people who break boundaries. When it comes to aviators, for example, Hamilton watches had a place on the wrists of air mail pilots from 1918 onwards. A century later, they are worn by the members of renowned aerobatics teams who we are proud to support. And, because these timepieces are designed for people who like to soar and push the limits, they become the ultimate invitation to new horizons for any wearer.

The GMT watches on offer from Hamilton certainly provide functionality that expands horizons, including a display capable of tracking time anywhere in the world – a must-have for all frequent flyers. This feature makes it easy to follow up on the latest happenings at home during a trip to far-flung locations, or to check the best time for a meeting with work teams distributed around the globe. So, a GMT watch from Hamilton really is a trusty companion for today’s interconnected world. Leaving practical matters aside, the stylish dials also bear the names of global destinations, making them a wrist-mounted piece of wanderlust.

Jet set with the Aviation Collection

Hamilton has over a century of experience crafting timepieces for pilots. Their exceptional watches have supported aviation pioneers, early American commercial airlines and modern Swiss search-and-rescue teams. The design choices that still shape the company’s GMT watches are a reflection of a time when watches were a vital tool for staying on course while allowing for crosswinds or performing calculations on the fly with a slide rule or tachymeter. The Khaki Aviation Collection is a testament to this long history of providing reliable watches for flight crews. Its GMT watches provide a wealth of tools for pilots and non-pilots alike. They also feature stunning watch faces that display technical information within a striking layout.

The X-Wind GMT Chrono Quartz offers a chronograph, crosswind calculator and the ability to keep track of time in a second time zone. With the 46mm case required to hold all of its features, the watch makes a lasting impression – one of rugged reliability and stylish design. It is equally at home in the cockpit or the conference room. The Converter Auto GMT has a similar design which not only allows you to tell the time in two time zones but also has a set of concentric dials that form a slide rule bezel for converting units or currency. In addition, this automatic GMT watch offers 80 hours of power reserve.

A watch that keeps your next destination in mind

Building on the two-tone stainless steel design of the Broadway Collection, the Broadway GMT Limited Edition is a traveler’s watch of excellence – an ideal companion for those who are frequently on the move. It features an outer ring that lists destinations all around the world so you can check the time in various zones at a glance. An additional red hand points to the current time in the wearer’s location of choice, using the 24-hour display around the edge of the dial. The sleek design and the travel-related features leave little doubt that this is a watch for people on the go.

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