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  • Walk the path in style with Hamilton's Limited Edition PSR MTX, inspired by The Matrix Resurrections.
    - December 1, 2021 -
  • Hamilton announces partnership with technology startup Syroco.
    - November 24, 2021 -
  • Hamilton once again recognized the work of the incredible individuals who bring stories to life on-screen at the 11th edition of the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards. Hosted by Yvonne Orji, the star-studded Hollywood event was a night to remember.
    - November 15, 2021 -
  • Hamilton and costume designer Janie Bryant announce watch capsule. Travel through time hollywood-style with alluring timepieces for today and tomorrow.
    - November 14, 2021 -
  • On-screen stars honor their outstanding off-screen colleagues at Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards in Hollywood, hosted by Yvonne Orji!
    - November 8, 2021 -
  • Whether you’re having a party, toasting marshmallows or caroling in the snow, “when loved one’s are near, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Make this a season to remember with a gift designed to turn every minute into a cherished moment.
    - November 8, 2021 -
  • Introducing new Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer Styles.
    - October 22, 2021 -
  • Accurate timing, secure fit and authentic style are key components of a great timepiece whether it’s on-screen or on your wrist. Designed for both, the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic Far Cry® 6 Limited Edition is built for action in-game and IRL.
    - September 21, 2021 -

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