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Steel Watches Watches with steel bracelets for a classic look

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Hamilton stainless steel watches: classic timepieces

Hamilton's timepieces with stainless steel bracelets – polished or brushed – are the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of personal looks. They are available for men and women, and feature in both our American Classic and Jazzmaster Collection . Our bracelet watches have a classic American feel that projects a sense of confidence and possibility. It’s a look that fits in just about anywhere. The range extends from aquatic-inspired timepieces to vintage classics and rugged, sporty soldier’s watches.

Steel watch: ready for adventure

Hamilton’s high-performance, stainless steel watches are designed especially for adventures on or below the water. The Khaki Navy Scuba Auto, for example, features a ceramic bezel that protects the metal and internal mechanism from corrosive substances such as sand and saltwater. The entire Khaki Navy collection is designed with ocean pioneers and explorers in mind. Characterized by their luminescent feel and performance, these timepieces are the ideal exploring companion. With their classic design, these stainless steel bracelets are just as much at home above as below the water and perfectly transition from a daytime swim to a summer night out.

Water-resistant stainless steel watches

With a reliable folding clasp securing its stainless steel bracelet and supreme water resistance, the Khaki Navy Frogman range provides vital safety equipment. Initially created for U.S. Naval 'Frogman' teams in WWII and featured in the 1951 movie “The Frogmen,” this timepiece has long been the epitome of underwater exploration. With a rotating bezel and underwater luminescence, these watches are built for to push the limits.

Steel watches with high-quality craftsmanship

Hamilton watches are designed for those who push the boundaries, and their high-quality craftsmanship means they can deal with extremely demanding use. All our bracelet watches make great companions for adventure, projecting a typically American spirit of boldness and daring.

Stainless steel watches balance tradition and innovation

The Jazzmaster Open Heart Auto is a stainless steel timepiece of consummate sophistication. The precise cut-out design reveals our Swiss-made automatic movement, while the bracelet makes it a perfect adornment for refined occasions. With a rich story to tell, these watches prove that modern technology and vintage charm go hand in hand to make each moment count.