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- MARCH 1, 2021 -

For over a century, intrepid aviators, modern pilots and aerobatic daredevils have trusted Hamilton watches in the cockpit. As we look towards the future, we continue our legacy of innovation with smartflyer ltd, a Swiss-based company determined to realize their dream of emission-free flying.

Founded in 2016 by professional pilot Rolf Stuber, smartflyer’s inventive team is developing hybrid-electric aircraft. Their current project, the SFX1 is a four-seater passenger plane that will take its maiden voyage in 2023, and be available for purchase by 2028 – a large step towards the company’s goal of transforming the skies of the future.

Just as Hamilton’s pioneering spirit inspires us to push the limits of watchmaking, the sky will only be the beginning for the revolutionary SFX1.

Smart(flyer) Sustainability

In the world of aerospace, sustainability and efficiency can be game-changing considerations for pilots, airlines and consumers already anticipating flights of the future. Taking technology to new heights requires both a sense of adventure and a commitment to accuracy – an attitude we have sustained since building our first aviation wristwatches for the pilots of the inaugural U.S. Airmail service in 1918.

With a shared spirit, smartflyer is confident in their team, their inventions and the future of sustainable air travel. We are proud to support their revolutionary endeavors and cannot wait to fly high in their groundbreaking and cutting-edge aircraft, the SFX1.

The hybrid-electric plane features a propeller mounted on top of its tail fin, a range of 800 km (almost 500 miles) and a cruise speed of about 220 km/h (138 mph). Purely electrical, take-off and landing are virtually emission-free, and during flight, a range extender provides necessary electrical energy via a small combustion engine that drives a generator.

Combined, these highly efficient technologies create a quiet flying experience, reduce operating costs and leave a smaller carbon footprint with an amazing 50 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional aircraft.


A pioneer of sustainable, electric-powered air exploration, smartflyer will take their dreams from the drawing board to aerospace itself with daring precision. Join us as we time the skies of today, tomorrow and beyond!