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At one with the ocean

Some people are more at home in the water than on dry land. Monegasque freediver Pierre Frolla is one of them. 


Since 2016 Hamilton has worked with our very own Frogman. It’s a partnership based on respect: Mutual respect for what the other does and – above all – respect for the water. It’s this, as well as precision timing, that helps to keep Pierre safe when he dives.


At his home in Monaco, Pierre Frolla is close to the ocean – physically and spiritually. You’ll find him at the beach every day training, preparing, teaching, diving. It’s a passion passed down through the generations. “My father was a freediver. When we were young, he taught me and my brother, showing us how to relax in the water, listen to our bodies and our spirits in the water.”


More than simply a sport or a way to spend time on the water, Pierre describes freediving as a way of life. Coming from a four-time world record holder, that’s easy to believe.








"In freediving, you’re so at one with the water that your spirit is totally absorbed by the beauty of nature."







But being at one with the ocean presents its own dangers. “You can actually forget the time and the fact that you can’t survive in the water without air.” Watching Pierre in action, you see that he really is free when he dives, wearing only a diving suit, fins and a mask – no breathing equipment. Of course, that’s the equipment that would ensure his safety. So, what does he rely on apart from himself and his skills?


“My watch. It’s my only contact with reality when I’m under the water, my only connection to the real world. I can’t dive without it.” Pierre describes the importance of his Khaki Navy Frogman so vividly it’s clear he views it as his diving partner. “I know its history and I know I can rely on it to keep me safe.”

Pierre’s 46 mm Khaki Navy Frogman has a titanium case that is both light and corrosion resistant. The large dial and Super-LumiNova® numerals ensure he can read the time clearly, even when he’s under the water for a long time. The functional rubber strap with folding clasp ensures a snug fit on the wrist. Water-resistant to 30 bar (300m) it’s a perfect match for Pierre’s needs.

“I have to be able to glance at my watch and then calculate. In less than one second I need to know how long I’ve been under the water. Freediving is like a dream in reality and I need my Frogman with me.”


Just as Pierre Frolla needs his Hamilton Frogman, Hamilton needs our very own Frogman to help us continue to develop vital equipment for those whose safety depends on precision timekeeping. In, on or under the water, Hamilton is a trusted timing partner.