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카키 에비에이션(Khaki Aviation) Pilot Pioneer Mechanical Chrono
메커니컬 | 40mm | H76409530



  • 시계

    참조 : H76409530
    Caliber : H-51-Si
    컬렉션 : 카키 에비에이션(Khaki Aviation)
    무브먼트 : 메커니컬
    케이스 사이즈 : 40mm
    두께 (mm) : 14.35
    다이얼 컬러 : 블랙
    케이스 소재 : 스테인리스 스틸
    크리스탈 : 사파이어
    러그 넓이 : 러그 넓이 22mm
    파워 리저브 : 60시간
    방수 기능 : 10 bar (100m)
    Anti Reflection : Yes
    Silicon Balance Spring : Yes
  • 브레이슬릿/스트랩

    Strap reference : H6000001151
    스트랩 타입 : Cow leather
    버클 타입 : H-Buckle
    버클 넓이 : 22mm



The H-51-Si is a mechanical chronograph movement featuring a state-of-the-art balance spring made from the anti-magnetic material silicon for enhanced resistance to extreme atmospheric conditions. With an extended 60-hour power reserve, this hand-wound caliber keeps and measures time via an iconic dial complete with start/stop and reset pushers. With no rotor and no date function, this interactive movement brings modern reliability and precision to signature, vintage-inspired design.

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