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- OCTOBER 30, 2020 -

With a rich history, authentic designs and technical excellence, Hamilton watches have been treasured gifts for generations. Our diverse collections ensure you’ll be crossing off your holiday shopping list in no time. 

Whether you’re celebrating this festive time with adventures in the snow or enjoying the warmth of a roaring fire, unwrapping a Hamilton watch will be a moment to remember. This holiday season give your loved ones a gift they will treasure for a lifetime: a Hamilton watch to match their personal style.

With authentic 1960s style, our Intra-Matic Automatic Chronograph is a timepiece that is as handsome as it is versatile. Its striking panda dial is available in contrasting colors of black and off-white or blue and off-white, both versions now offered on a charming and beautifully made stainless steel mesh bracelet.

The captivating aesthetic and contrasting color options are also featured in the new Intra-Matic Automatic, which pairs its sophisticated dial with a comfortable leather strap. Powered by the H-10 automatic movement with its extended 80-hour power reserve and exclusive NivachronTM balance spring, this timepiece has a vintage style ready for the modern world.

Show your love with our Jazzmaster Open Heart styles, available in a range of colors and sizes for men and women. Bold cutouts of the dial reveal our H-10 automatic movement beating away within a sophisticated timepiece showcasing contemporary design and quality materials.

Go contemporary with our Jazzmaster Skeleton styles that incorporate our famous design signature, the ‘spiky H,’ into the cutout structure itself. These watches are perfect for urban dressers, design fans and inquisitive people who like to look into the heart of things.

For people who like a more rugged, action-ready wristwatch, Hamilton’s Khaki collections are informed by decades of experience creating watches for both military and aviation purposes. The all-black Hamilton Khaki Field King Auto is a stealthy modern take on the original soldier’s watch we produced in World War II. Meanwhile, the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter is a chronograph for those who love to fly, with a bi-directional, rotating ‘slide-rule’ bezel that enables mathematical calculations in flight. At Hamilton, we have timepieces for adventurers who find themselves out in the field, up in the sky or under the sea.

With its history of innovation, Hamilton has produced many daring and trendsetting timepieces. In 1957, our triangular-shaped Ventura stunned the world with its unique shape and groundbreaking technology as the first electric watch. A favorite of Elvis Presley and the official watch of the “Men in Black” uniform, the iconic unisex timepiece is the perfect gift for those with true individual style.

In 1970, we changed the world once again with the announcement of the first digital wristwatch, the Hamilton Pulsar, and 50 years later, our new PSR celebrates this landmark moment. With space-age style and new LCD and OLED hybrid technology, the PSR remains the epitome of cool with a design relevant in any decade.

This holiday season give your loved ones a gift they will treasure for a lifetime: a Hamilton watch to match their personal style.