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American Classic PSR Digital Quartz - Limited Edition
Quartz | 41mm x 35mm | H52424130

Not available online


    A highly resistant alloy composed of steel and chromium. It can be worked to resemble a precious metal. It is nearly impervious to rust, tarnish, and corrosion.
  • Sapphire Crystal
    Sapphire Crystal
    Synthetic sapphire crystal is a tough scratch-resistant material, only diamonds could leave a mark.
    Your timepiece is resistant up to 10 bar (100m) / 145 psi (328 ft).
    A reflection of Hamilton's American roots, this collection offers versatility in a selection of 'wear anywhere' watches.
Overall rating | 5 reviews
This is a highly collected watch because it is just one of those things that doesn't age and is just cool. The first time you see a LED watch display it is pure magic. You don't forget it. I am so happy that Hamilton took this release seriously and gave it the proper attention this Legend deserves. Obviously the days of a digital quartz watch being a revolutionary technology are in the past and now they are cheap and commonplace. Today a digital watch that just tells the time seems almost laughable but it is a refreshingly clean and simple use of technology. A return to when technology did not overwhelm us and all of our senses but simply did one thing and one thing well. I can't understate that the way this watch tells time is very much an intrinsic part of the time reading experience. Once you get used to it's way of telling you the time the more you enjoy it. I have owned a few LED watches and have always loved them for a while. There are two big fundamental flaws with these LED watches and the reason LCD watches replaced them. Those flaws were battery life and an always on display. Now I would have liked the OLED to be always on but in order to give us several years of battery life and reverse red lcd display is used and when you can't read the LCD you press the button to get the OLED digits backlit for several seconds like the original LED watches. It has the same look as the original with the reverse lcd always on when the backlit OLED is not used. It is pretty cool although there are times when the LCD is hard to read and the original Pulsar had a red crystal not a clear crystal. I prefer the red crystal. However the sapphire crystal is very well done. The case is extremely well executed and finished. Has a nice weight and feels great on the wrist. The PVD finish seems like it will hold up. The bracelet is really nice. The bracelet has links like an Omega and similar quality. Overall this is just a great watch. It is not cheap but it is an extremely faithful execution of the original Pulsar but improves the main flaws of those early watches. This is the only digital watch I enjoy wearing. This is now my main daily wear watch. Hamilton shipped fast. You can't go wrong!
anonymous a.
November 5, 2020
The watch is very well built with high quality materials.
anonymous a.
October 13, 2020
Very pleased.
anonymous a.
October 4, 2020
Really pleased with the watch
anonymous a.
September 16, 2020
Beautiful and classy design. A future collectors' re-issue.
anonymous a.
September 21, 2020
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