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The story behind a Hamilton watch


What’s the story behind the watch you’re wearing right now? Maybe it was love at first sight and you had to have it. Maybe you spent months admiring it from a distance, watching and waiting until the time – or the occasion – was right. Or maybe the watch was a gift from a loved one to mark a milestone moment. Whatever your unique story, rest assured that each Hamilton has a story of its own. 


Long before a Hamilton watch is ready to be worn, it goes through a rigorous process of design and planning. It involves the selection, or creation, of the right movement as well as the creation of the perfect quality components to bring the design to life. The finished piece is assembled – carefully and painstakingly – in the Hamilton Atelier where it also undergoes rigorous quality checks and testing.


Watch design covers everything from the crown to the clasp, from the dial to the hands to the Hamilton movement.


Our watches – including the brand new Jazzmaster Auto Chrono  - are Swiss Made and quality is the key consideration when it comes to assembling them.



The movement is the heartbeat of the watch. Whether quartz or mechanical, automatic or handwinding, the movement has to make functional and practical sense for the watch. Hamilton uses specially adapted movements as the perfect complements to many of our automatic watches. Our watchmakers examine each movement in detail before placing it inside the case.


The case is the home for the movement. Matt sandblasted, polished to perfection or with eye-catching PVD coating to add color, Hamilton cases are usually made of stainless steel – a classic watchmaking material.


The dial is often known as the ‘face’ of a watch. It’s the piece that says the most about the watch’s individual personality, so it has to be right. The hands – including high-quality additions such as blue-flamed hands – are the indicators of time, displaying what the movement dictates.


The strap  is the final addition to the finished piece and another important consideration. From chunky metal bracelets to practical rubber straps, refined leather straps to durable NATO bands, there’s a perfect strap for each Hamilton family. The new Jazzmaster Thinline edition, first launched in 2018, takes things a step further with a range of interchangeable leather straps to choose from to suit your mood – and your style - and allowing you to personalize your watch.