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Service prices

Service prices

These are the recommended prices for the services applied by the corporate Customer Service Centers of the Swatch Group Ltd.’s affiliated company in the country where you are located, including Hamilton International Ltd. Switzerland. However, this list is to be considered as a simple price recommendation regarding services carried out by agreed third-party Service Partners which may apply other prices. This list is subject to change.




Complete maintenance service

Including movement overhaul
Recommended retail price incl. SST

Complete Service – Quartz 2 - 3 hands

MYR 660


Complete Service - Automatic

MYR 830


Complete Service – Chrono Quartz/MultiFunction

MYR 960


Complete Service – Automatic Chronograph

MYR 1270


Complete Service – Watches with multiple movements, complications

Estimate required


Complete Service – Vintage watches (automatic, manual, quartz)

Estimate required


Partial maintenance service

Recommended retail price incl. GST

Partial Service – Quartz 2 - 3 hands

MYR 210


Partial Service – Automatic

MYR 210


Partial Service – Chrono Quartz/MultiFunction

MYR 260


Partial Service – Automatic Chronograph

MYR 260


Partial Service – Watches with multiple movements, complications

Estimate required


Light intervention

Bracelet service, replacement of external component, polishing, etc.
Recommended retail price incl. GST

All Hamilton watches
estimate required


24-month service warranty

We offer a 24-month warranty on the work carried out. In the event of a fault covered by this warranty, we will, at our discretion and without cost, do the necessary repair or replacement of any spare parts and /or rectify a faulty service as identified by our Customer Service department. All other rights resulting from the faulty execution of our services are expressly excluded. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by accident or negligence. This warranty is rendered void if work is carried out on the watch by third parties who are not authorized to do so by Hamilton International Ltd.