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Hamilton Watches featured in the Chinese Sci-Fi Movie "The Wandering Earth 2" released in cinema

-Febuary 1, 2023-

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year 2023, Hamilton continues to write an exciting chapter in the field of cinema with our exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and adventurous spirit of exploration, joining hands with our brand ambassador and director Frant Gwo’s new science fiction movie "The Wandering Earth 2". As the exclusive watch partner of the movie, Hamilton provided dozens of watches for actors to meet filming needs.

As “The Wandering Earth 2” unveils the prequel story, humanity’s fate is at stake

"The Wandering Earth 2" follows the story of its predecessor "The Wandering Earth", with the beginning of the radical group Digital Life Project, the first exposure of the moon engine and the imminent solar crisis.

The movie is directed by Hamilton brand ambassador Frant Gwo, produced by Liu Cixin, and stars Wu Jing, Li Xuejian, Sha Yi, Ning Li, Wang Zhi and Zhu Yan Manzi, as well as a special performance by Mr. Andy Lau. After four years of preparation and filming, “The Wandering Earth 2” released on January 22nd, the first day of Chinese New Year 2023.

When time becomes an emotional link for human beings, what meaning is hidden in the custom-made Hamilton watch?

In the preparation stage of the movie, director Frant Gwo reached out to Hamilton designers to create a unique custom-made watch for his new movie. The watch would express the concept of "a Round Sky embracing a Square Earth", an ancient Chinese philosophy and artistic conception of Chinese ink painting.

Our watch design team embraced the challenge. Frant Gwo provided essential in-depth understanding of “The Wandering Earth” story, as well as his take on science fiction movies. After several months of perfecting the timepiece, we succeeded in creating a unique prop watch featured in “The Wandering Earth 2”.

“The Wandering Earth 2” Limited and Special Edition Watches

Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator Automatic Limited Edition The Wandering Earth II

In the movie "The Wandering Earth 2", the custom-made watch shows the change of human timing methods in the last thousand years. Each color version will be limited to 122 pieces, in honor of “The Wandering Earth 2”’s release date on January 22, 2023.

With a regulator dial placed in a square transparent case, the custom-made watch matches perfectly the Chinese philosophy of “a Round Sky embracing a Square Earth“.

The transparent case reflects the skin of the wrist below when wearing the watch, which is the color of the earth. "Look up at the great vast sky, and look down to earth", strengthening the concept of “a Round Sky embracing a Square Earth“.

The limited edition will be available in June 2023 in China Mainland only.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline Quartz Special Edition The Wandering Earth II

Inspired by the custom-made watch, the Jazzmaster Thinline special edition watch uses a lighter and simpler design with the same black or white dial and a concave and convex texture. Classic round steel case with stainless steel bracelet, equipped with an accurate quartz movement, the special edition watches are more suitable for everyday wear. The emotional connection between humans expressed in the film can be worn on the wrist.

A special packaging has been created by Mr. Frant Gwo inspired by the elements from the movie. The special edition will be available from March 2023 worldwide.