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- NOVEMBER 24, 2021 -

Hamilton announces partnership with technology startup Syroco.

It’s a boat, it’s a plane… or maybe it’s both! With a shared passion for discovery and innovation, Hamilton supports the Syroco team as they work to set a new speed sailing record.

Hamilton is committed to supporting game-changing innovation in technology and stand along with engineers that invent our future of mobility. Named after the ferocious sirocco winds of the Saharan desert, Syroco is designing a wind-powered vehicle with the ability to break the 80 knots speed barrier.

Suspended a few feet above the surface, the fish-shaped capsule will fly across the water at record speeds with an eye-catching design that’s the result of extensive aerodynamic and fluid physics research. Piloted by Syroco Co-founder Alex Caizergues, the high-speed craft will serve as a starting point for further innovation. Already a two-time world sailing speed record holder and a multiple world kite speed champion, Alex plans to take his passion for speed and for the oceans to the next level by designing the carbon-free transportation the world needs. From research to execution, we will collaborate with Syroco to develop their speed craft, designed to shatter the sailing speed record – a futuristic vehicle with elements of both naval and aviation architecture.

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“I am proud that Syroco is partnering with Hamilton, a brand with a solid history and driven by passion. Our teams will be working together to surpass the limits of possible and push the envelope of existing technologies.” Alex Caizergues, Syroco Co-founder