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  • In preparation for competition season, we headed out to the Bahamas to join our four-time world-record holding freediving ambassador Pierre Frolla for a spectacular training session.
    - June 2, 2019 -
  • The Men in Black return to the big screen this summer in a brand new movie which is guaranteed to capture the imagination of a new generation of film enthusiasts.
    - May 1, 2019 -
  • There’s something about going to the movies that makes your heart beat just a little bit faster.
    - February 14, 2019 -
  • There is a long and prestigious list of movies Hamilton watches have appeared in , and one of the most impactful and important was the 2014 film, Interstellar.
    - February 6, 2019 -
  • We hit the streets of downtown LA, the heights of the Hollywood Hills and head out into the urban sprawl with Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders actor Daniel Henney.
    - January 18, 2019 -
  • It’s the morning after the night before and we’re looking back at a fantastic evening in Los Angeles at the 10th edition of the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards.
    - November 5, 2018 -
  • Pioneering, practical, precise: Hamilton uses a unique combination of Swiss precision and American spirit to create distinctive, versatile watches for aficionados and style conscious individuals alike.
    - April 23, 2018 -
  • The primary aim of a movie is to entertain, to offer audiences an escape from the everyday and to transport us away from our own lives for a couple of hours.
    - March 27, 2018 -

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