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‘Tis the season

-NOVEMBER 7, 2022-

The most festive time of the year is upon us, celebrate it with a Hamilton timepiece!

‘Tis the season to be giving, the holidays are just around the corner! There are few gifts more compelling or symbolic than a fine timepiece. Sophisticated, beautiful and practical, a watch is a present that can last a lifetime and be passed down through generations, constantly reminding the recipient of the giver or the story behind it.

At Hamilton, we’ve got you covered. Available in a wide range of styles and colors — from the bright and jovial to the subtle and subdued — Hamilton timepieces are just right for someone special.

Encompassing a comprehensive array of looks and features, Hamilton watches will make thoughtful gifts this festive season.

PSR FestivePSR Festive

Are you looking for a conversation starter to make a unique statement?

Explore the throwback cool of the PSR, derived from the world’s first digital watch, or the retro-futuristic Ventura XXL Bright and Ventura Quartz, based upon a model conceived of by famed industrial designer Richard Arbib in the 1950s.

PPMC FestivePPMC Festive

If it’s adventure-ready design and ruggedness that you’re after...

Check out the lightweight 38mm Khaki Field Titanium, the hand-wound Pilot Pioneer Mechanical Chronograph or the versatile Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze. Hamilton field and pilot timepieces are the perfect tool watches to fit every wrist and taste.

JM Lady FestiveJM Lady Festive

Want a dress watch for Christmas and New Year?

The elegant Ardmore Quartz and the Jazzmaster Lady 36mm offer more traditional, classic silhouettes paired with colorful dial accents and leather straps, while the Jazzmaster Open Heart provides a twist in the form of a partially skeletonized face, revealing the automatic movement inside.

khaki Field Titanium Festivekhaki Field Titanium Festive
American Classic Quartz FestiveAmerican Classic Quartz Festive
Ventura XXL Quartz FestiveVentura XXL Quartz Festive
Jazzmaster Open Heart FestiveJazzmaster Open Heart Festive
Khaki Field Bronze FestiveKhaki Field Bronze Festive

This season, delve into our gifting dreamland of exciting holiday offerings from every Hamilton collection!