Jazzmaster GMT SEOUL Limited Edition Launch


Celebrating its fifth year launch in Korea, Hamilton is now showcasing a limited edition that holds special significance for Korean customers. Like other GMT watches this one has the names of 24 prominent cities inscribed on the dial each one designating its corresponding time zone, but this is the first to designate the GMT+9 time zone using Seoul instead of Tokyo. As such, Hamilton is providing an unprecedented and special feature for watch lovers in Korea. The ‘Jazzmaster GMT SEOUL Limited Edition’ is yet another in a long line of innovations from Hamilton, which has always played a leading role in the industry.

Hamilton’s Jazzmaster GMT SEOUL Limited Edition has been made all the more special with the participation of Daniel Henney who has been appointed the ambassador for Korea of 2014. The see-through back reveals the elaborate Swiss automatic movement as well as the engraving of Daniel Henney’s signature. This model embodies haute sophistication and refinement with its rose gold PVD case, hands and 24-hour index. GMT+9, which is Seoul’s time zone, is depicted in red for greater emphasis.