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- MARCH 8, 2021 -

Powered by the specially developed Hamilton caliber H-51, our new Intra-Matic Chronograph H marks the bold return of a hand-wound chronograph movement to our collections. Celebrating the fundamental principles of watchmaking with both precision and charm, this American Classic timepiece rekindles the golden age of sports watches with subtle individuality and unique character.

Precise and reliable, with an extended power reserve of 60 hours, the hand-wound H-51 movement ensures this vintage favorite has the cutting-edge technology to keep up with modern life. Moreover, with no winding rotor or date function, the balance of purity and complexity beating within its slim stainless steel case only enhances the Chronograph H’s inherent appeal.

Soul inside and out

Inspired directly by our popular Chronograph A and B of 1968, the watch’s harmonious proportions and iconic black-and-white “panda” design is authentic and versatile. Protected by a box-shaped sapphire crystal, the 40mm timepiece is available with a traditional white dial and black sub dials, or the reverse, a black dial and white sub dials.
Both statement-making styles include contemporary details such as double anti-reflective coated crystal and Super-LumiNova hands, and seamlessly match with either a high-quality black leather strap or finely engineered mesh stainless steel bracelet.

Not just a tool for telling time, the Chronograph H’s story continues with every interaction. Feel its personality when you wind the movement, activate the stopwatch or merely fasten it to your wrist – this is a watch with soul.