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Skeleton & Open Heart Watches See the movement inside the skeleton watch

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Are you looking for a skeleton watch that will help you make a lasting impression? At Hamilton, our Open Heart and skeleton watches are eye-catching, and have timeless, iconic appeal. Specializing in Open Heart and skeleton wrist watches that offer a glimpse of the automatic movements inside, Hamilton has a reputation for Swiss quality and for making innovative, unusual watches.

See what makes your watch tick

In a world where almost everything hides behind a touchscreen, the exposed mechanical workings of Hamilton’s ticking timepieces are a breath of fresh air. A skeleton watch is a conversation piece for fellow watch enthusiasts and a chance to peer into the world of fine Swiss watchmaking. Engineering aficionados will be mesmerized by designs that fully reveal the precision components at work behind the scenes. Naturally, a skeleton watch also makes a great all-year-round companion – a versatile choice suitable for any occasion. For an even subtler effect, consider an open heart watch such as the Jazzmaster Open Heart 42mm Its design gives you a peek behind the curtain while leaving just enough to the imagination.

An edgy classic

These skeleton designs are a nod in the direction of some favorites from the past, offering a new spin on classic designs. Take the Hamilton Ventura – a watch that came to prominence when it graced the wrist of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, in the 1961 movie “Blue Hawaii.” Following the release of the Elvis80 in 2015, the Elvis80 Skeleton Auto traded the iconic triangular watch face for an ultra-modern skeleton look with a lightning bolt zigzag pattern superimposed on the precision mechanism within.

Speaking of precision, the skeletonized designs of Hamilton’s Amercian Classic collection are an homage to its history as ‘The Watch of Railroad Accuracy’ in the nineteenth century. What better way to recall the Golden Age of Rail than by showcasing the machinery that once helped make it all happen? The motion of the gears and wheels harkens back to the engine rooms of yesteryear while the 80 hours of power reserve provided by the RailRoad Skeleton Auto belongs firmly to the modern day.

A glimpse into the heart of a timeless timepiece

The iconic Jazzmaster Collection has long been a go-to for women or men in search of stylish timepieces and its visually striking skeleton and open heart options are no exception. The understated three-petal look of the Open Heart Lady Auto contrasts a minimalist watch face with a glimpse into the automatic clockwork core. Taking a slightly different approach, the Jazzmaster Open Heart Auto just hints at the Swiss engineering beneath its crisp, angular exterior, because why give the whole game away?

That’s not all: The captivating Jazzmaster Skeleton Auto has a unique take on the skeleton theme, integrating Hamilton’s spiked H into the cutout dial. The watch face itself features a bare-bones motif as a counterpoint to the overall refined look of the timepiece. In addition, there are endless possibilities for mixing and matching materials. Choose from a variety of options including rose gold PVD coating paired with a tasteful chestnut leather watchstrap, or a sporty chrome-and-white watch face paired with a stainless steel bracelet. It’s a watch that remains true to the refinement of the Jazzmaster collection as a whole, while also providing a glimpse of the mechanism inside that is sure to delight both enthusiasts and casual observers.

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