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    JAZZMASTER PERFORMER Sport-chic timepieces built for any challenge

The best chronograph watches in the world are undoubtedly Swiss chronograph watches. At Hamilton, we’re particularly proud of the chronograph function as we helped to create the very first automatic chronograph movement in 1969. Since that now famous vintage chronograph watch, we’ve developed and produced chronographs for men and women across our bestselling collections.

Style and precision in a compact package

Let’s face it – there’s just something about chronograph watches that makes them stand out from the crowd. It isn’t necessary to be a connoisseur to appreciate the precision of the inlaid dials, the complex displays and the multiple functions. Their uses in aviation, navigation and exploration provide a connection to iconic moments and experiences, ranging from space missions to deep-sea dives. Hamilton’s storied past, which includes a tradition of providing chronograph watches for pioneering aviators, the U.S. Army and Hollywood prop masters, means that it can offer an extremely broad range of features.

Watches with chronographs combine the functionality of a regular watch with that of a stopwatch, allowing the wearer to track time in seconds, minutes and hours, as well as features such as a tachymeter, which helps calculate how many times a particular action would repeat in a minute or an hour. Certain models also provide functions such as countdown timers or alarms, or even special options like unit conversion, slide rules or crosswind calculators.

A piece of timekeeping history

The versatility and usefulness of Hamilton’s chronograph timepieces meant that they have been used in a wide variety of applications over the years. Hamilton provided watches to the U.S. Armed Forces throughout the twentieth century, including thousands of marine chronographs. In the late 1960s, in partnership with several watch brands, Hamilton pioneered the first automatic chronograph movement, which paved the way for several of our iconic models.

Hamilton chronograph watches have also made it onto the big and small screens: Two models are present in the Amazon Prime TV series “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.” CIA analyst and counterterrorism hero Jack Ryan himself, played by John Krasinski, uses the rugged Khaki Field Auto Chrono, while Admiral Greer wears the Khaki Aviation X-Wind Auto Chrono, the first-ever watch to include a drift angle calculator, which allows pilots to calculate the effect of crosswinds during flight. Both watches are based on models Hamilton previously designed for the military: The Khaki Field Collection is a tribute to the watches produced for the U.S. Army, while the Khaki Navy Collection is based on marine chronometers from the 1940s, currently available in the form of the Khaki Navy Pioneer Auto Chrono.

Vintage looks with cutting-edge engineering

The watches in the American Classic Collection take their design cues from the pioneering chronograph watches of the late 1960s. The Intra-Matic Auto Chrono 40mm, is a fine example, featuring the same retro panda dial and tachymeter with date display as the original. Its automatic movement provides a 60-hour power reserve.

The sleek Jazzmaster Collection , also includes several chronograph models with diverse designs. These include the nautically inspired Seaview Chrono Quartz, featuring a rotating bezel, and the Maestro Auto Chrono, which has a stripped-down look inspired by the minimalist design of its namesake. And, with an array of straps and accessories available, there is no limit to the customization possibilities for these stylish chronographs.

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