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- June 1, 2022 -

For Pierre Frolla, every fear is an opportunity and every challenge is a new goal. Filmed on the Island of Hawai’i, “Behind the Breath,” captures the immense determination, courage and optimism Pierre brings to every breath and every adventure.

As intense as he is exuberant, Pierre isn’t only a freediver – he’s a waterman, an athlete, a teacher, an explorer, a mentor and a friend. Breaking four free immersion diving world records in his life, pushing limits is in his very DNA.

The last time Pierre visited Kona, he was competing against other divers. Today, he’s only in competition with himself. “I’m always setting new goals for myself,” he says. “You can’t always be ‘the’ best but you can be ‘your’ best.” With a lot of content dependent on weather and light conditions, every hour in Hawaii counts. For the underwater film crew who traveled with Pierre from France, it’s all about catching the right wave.

“We’re looking for waves that stay open as they roll in,” explains the team’s underwater photographer Greg Lecoeur while curling his hand into a circle. “It’s no good if they crunch and crash and we need good visibility too.” While Pierre, Greg, underwater videographer Kevin Sempé and assistant Jimmy Golaz, find their waves on board Captain Deron Verbeck’s Zodiac boat, the land film crew is scouting locations around the island.

“We want to show the incredible feats Pierre can accomplish,” says Director and Producer Zach Pina. “But even more importantly, we want to show the incredible spirit and determination that Pierre brings to the journey.”

See the Frogman in action on the wrist of Pierre Frolla in “Behind the Breath,” a film that captures the determination, courage and optimism the world champion freediver brings to every moment.