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Quartz Watches

Quartz watches with guaranteed Swiss precision
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A quartz watch movement is a guarantee of precision and Swiss quartz watches are the top of the range when it comes to quality. When Hamilton created the first battery powered watch in 1957, we could never have predicted how popular this innovation would become.

Hamilton quartz watches: timepieces with guaranteed Swiss precision

A quartz watch movement is a guarantee of precision, and Hamilton has a proud history of innovation in this sphere. When we created the first battery-powered watch in 1957, we could never have predicted how popular this innovation would become. Our quartz watches are trusted by aviators and adventurers alike for their accuracy and reliability.

Men’s quartz aviation watches

Flight navigation requires precise timing, and our technical timepieces, with their Swiss quartz movements, make the perfect companions for airborne adventures. In the history of human flight, Hamilton precision watches have proved themselves again and again in settings that demand a high degree of reliability. For example, they were on the wrists of British Royal Air Force pilots in the 1970s. In honor of this, our Khaki Aviation Pilot Day Date Quartz is designed to give a taste of what it was like to be a mid-20th-century aviator. With modern enhancements, including an advanced quartz movement, it provides the benefits of both tradition and innovation.

Trusted by aviators and adventurers

Hamilton has been active in supporting aviation for over a century and continues to promote the spirit of airborne adventure today. The Khaki Aviation Chrono Quartz was designed to celebrate Hamilton’s role as the Official Timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race in 2018. We also sponsor the French aerobatic pilot, Nicolas Ivanoff, who has been a part of our team of ambassadors since 2005. In 2017, we added three additional pilots – Juan Velarde (Spain), Pete McLeod (Canada) and Dario Costa (Italy) to our team of aviation ambassadors. We also sponsor some of the world’s best air rescue squadrons, including Air Zermatt (Switzerland, civilian, rescue), 123 Squadron (Korea, military), Patrulla Aspa (Spain, military, helicopter display), Apache Team (Netherlands, military, helicopter display) and F-16 Team (Netherlands, military, demo).

Dare to be different

Hamilton’s quartz watches are renowned throughout the aviation world as fine examples of technical innovation. In addition, our Ventura, American Classic and Jazzmaster collections, all in their own way, also embody this determination to excel. Introduced in 1957, the Ventura has a particularly longstanding history as a cutting-edge timepiece. The world’s first electric watch soon became a favorite of Elvis Presley, who wore the pioneering, futuristic design in “Blue Hawaii.”

Precision watch

The watches of the sophisticated, contemporary Jazzmaster collection also incorporate fine Swiss quartz mechanisms. In these exceptional timepieces, innovation is highlighted by a distinctive mid-century style that’s made for the city. Take the Jazzmaster Lady Quartz and Gent Quartz, for example. They are matching his and hers timepieces that look simple yet stunning, either together or apart. Jazzmaster offers a variety of designs, each with a different take on the collection’s refined style. For example, the Seaview Chrono Quartz marries traditional timekeeping with a nod to the nautical with a sports-inspired case and rotating bezel guaranteed to look great on deck or in the marina.
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