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Are you looking for an automatic watch to suit your needs? With a wide range of automatic watches for men and ladies’ automatic watches to choose from in our famous Jazzmaster, Ventura and American Classic collections, you’re sure to find your favorite at Hamilton. Guaranteed Swiss quality and distinctive Hamilton style. For the best automatic watches, look no further than Hamilton.

Telling time automatically: Hamilton’s automatic watches changed the face of watchmaking

Hamilton’s history of crafting high-quality timepieces is a rich and enduring tale, from providing critical timekeeping devices for railway workers at the start of the 20th century to supplying timepieces and navy chronometers to U.S. Army soldiers in World War II. Hamilton’s classic watches have caught attention within the aviation industry and Hollywood’s elite.

With Hamilton’s well-established innovative prowess, it’s little surprise the highly esteemed watchmaker introduced both the first electric watch and the first digital timepiece with an LED display. These revolutionary watches, known as the Ventura and the Pulsar, rose to prominence on the wrists of Elvis Presley in the feature film Blue Hawaii, and of James Bond himself, portrayed by Roger Moore, in the 1973 hit Live and Let Die, respectively.

Today, Hamilton offers an innovative collection of women’s and men’s automatic watches as diverse as its storied history. One needn’t be Hollywood royalty to own a classic timepiece blended with modern convenience, but Hamilton automatic watches will make anyone feel like a star.

A body in motion keeps a watch in motion: Automatic watches

A flick of the wrist is all it takes to keep an automatic watch ticking. The very motion of tilting the wrist for a split second glance at the time subtly powers the timepiece displaying it. On the surface, recharging automatic watches is that simple. The advent of these self-winding watches in the 20th century brought timepieces from our pockets to our wrist and ushered in a new era of time-telling convenience.

At the heart of these self-winding watches lies a rotor, comprised of a heavy metal such as gold or platinum. The rotor is powerful enough to wind the movement, and every time the wearer moves their wrist, the rotor spins. This action sets the gears in motion, automatically winding the mainspring in the watch. Provided the watch is worn on your wrist, there’s no need to wind the watch manually. Thus, the need of reminding oneself to wind a watch daily is removed, with modern convenience added in its place.

The automatic choice: Hamilton’s self-winding watch collection

Hamilton continues to innovate and evolve their diverse collection of women’s and men’s automatic watches. Ideal for busy executives and those always on the move who require reliable and accurate timepieces, Hamilton automatic watches replenish their power from the movement of the wearer, so there’s no need for manual winding to stay on time.

Wherever the moment leads, Hamilton offers an array of automatic watches to stay stylishly on time. Scuba enthusiasts will revel in the Hamilton Khaki Navy collection, complete with increased water resistance to 30 bar (300m) and an extra-legible dial. The legendary Ventura collection is the perfect expression of a modern watch with a revolutionary history. High-flyers and aviation enthusiasts will stay on schedule with the Khaki Aviation series, and the Khaki Field series is always ready for adventure. The timeless Jazzmaster collection appeals to ladies and gentlemen seeking a historical timepiece that infused with contemporary sophistication.

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