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- JUNE 20, 2022 -

Hamilton has partnered with the IULM University of Milan in a project that aims to offer students enrolled in the Master’s Degree in Television, Cinema and New Media the opportunity to take part in a hands-on cinematic experience.

The collaboration between Hamilton and IULMovie Lab – the artistic workshop recently created by the University with an objective to connect students and young graduates with big names and like-minded partners – reinforces the commitment and interest that Hamilton has always had towards the behind-the-scenes talent.

“We at Hamilton have always been film lovers, and we believe it’s really important to acknowledge the talents of those who work hard behind the camera to create magic we see on screen. We are excited to help shape the filmmakers of tomorrow,” says Hamilton CEO Vivian Stauffer. The project focuses on the importance of training and support to the new generation of filmmakers, accompanying them along the way, from development to post-production of a short film that explores the concept of “time”.

In addition to over 500 movie and TV appearances, Hamilton has been recognizing the work of the off-screen talent during the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards event in Hollywood since 2006, where A-list actors honor their outstanding behind-the-scenes colleagues. 

A declaration of love for the world of cinema, depicting the idea of time made up of moments that we would rather not see pass by. This is the very essence of the short film titled Always Now created by the second-year students enrolled in the Master’s Degree in Television, Cinema and New Media at IULM as part of the first artistic collaboration between the University and the Swiss watch brand. The focus of the film, in fact, is the theme of emotions linked to the passing moments that only the magic of cinema can capture and make last forever.

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The short film, written in English and shot in Liguria (thus celebrating the beauty of the city of Genoa, the Celle Ligure seafront and the backdrop of the Sant'Olcese mountains), exemplifies the professionalism and artistry of the IULmovie Lab creative factory participants.