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  • Take time to appreciate every day with our latest mechanical watch, the Intra-Matic Chronograph H. A careful balance of modern technology and vintage charm, this hand-winding timepiece reminds us to count moments as well as minutes.
    - March 22, 2021 -
  • Powered by the specially developed Hamilton caliber H-51, our new Intra-Matic Chronograph H marks the bold return of a hand-wound chronograph movement to our collections. Celebrating the fundamental principles of watchmaking with both precision and charm, this American Classic timepiece rekindles the golden age of sports watches with subtle individuality and unique character.
    - March 8, 2021 -
  • For over a century, intrepid aviators, modern pilots and aerobatic daredevils have trusted Hamilton watches in the cockpit. As we look towards the future, we continue our legacy of innovation with smartflyer ltd, a Swiss-based company determined to realize their dream of emission-free flying.
    - March 1, 2021 -
  • The art of gift giving is one of the time-honored traditions and a perfect way to express our feelings. We exchange tokens of our affection during holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and choose special keepsakes offering a moment of surprise or enchantment to mark important milestones or achievements.
    - February 11, 2021 -
  • With a rich history, authentic designs and technical excellence, Hamilton watches have been treasured gifts for generations.
    - November 28, 2020 -
  • From aviation’s earliest days, pilots discovered there is nothing quite like the freedom of flight.
    - November 11, 2020 -
  • Hamilton designers and engineers, in collaboration with the design team from Christopher Nolan’s new film, TENET, produced a custom-made watch with unique features that only Hamilton was trusted to bring to life.
    - August 2, 2020 -
  • In an era of ever-accelerating technology and busy schedules, this skeleton-style wristwatch captures our attention with its intricate design.
    - June 5, 2020 -
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