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Nothing Beats the Thrill of the Air Race

Welcome to the world’s most exciting aerial sport


Nothing beats the thrill of the Air Race. For aviation enthusiasts, it is the skill and precision that make it so impressive. For adrenalin junkies, it’s the speed and the split-second timing. For Hamilton, it’s a combination of all of these things. 


The Red Bull Air Race is back, and this year promises to be another exciting one! First stop on the 2019 calendar took us to Abu Dhabi with all our pilots putting valuable points on the board in the season opener. There are a further seven stops on this year’s calendar – Kazan, Chiba and Indianapolis are some of the favorite stops announced. It’s a thrilling line up that underlines our dedication to aviation and to serving the flying community. 

But what’s really in it for Hamilton? 



We gain a unique insight into the fastest, most furious, daring and innovative branch of aviation. Each route flown is slightly different. Each pilot has their own approach, their own way of preparing mentally and physically and each benefits from a wealth of experience. It’s not just the time each pilot has spent in the cockpit that’s important for Hamilton, but also the experience of the instructors and mentors they’ve learned from that’s key. 


By tapping into this invaluable resource of hundreds of thousands of flying hours, we can better understand the needs of pilots, navigators and co-pilots – whatever their personal styles and techniques.


Our own roster of four Team Hamilton pilots includes four completely different personalities with four totally different approaches to flying. Their feedback has been invaluable in helping us to test and develop new instrument innovations – like the drift angle calculator of the Khaki X-Wind Auto Chrono  - as well as helping us to keep up with the latest trends and aviation style, like the Khaki Pilot Day Date Auto.

The Red Bull Air Race is the most exciting aerial sport in the world and one that underlines our dedication to aviation.