The regulator complication first appeared in the late seventeenth century and was used by watchmakers for verifying the rates of their creations. Close to the heart of the brand celebrated as the “Watch of Railroad Accuracy” in the 1890s, the regulator was also relied on by railroad staff and made a huge contribution to safety. The exclusive H-12 movement in today’s Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator gives the face of the watch a unique appearance, presenting an original means of displaying the passage of minutes with a refreshing air of independence. The separation of the minute and hour hands on to different axials and sub-dials has the added advantage of facilitating minute reading at a glance. Inside this contemporary design object, accuracy lives on, perfectly equipped to keep track of wearer lifestyles where every second counts.

A trio of timepieces makes up the Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator family, each one presenting a distinctive interpretation of the fascinating meeting of tradition and modernity. Applied numbers stand out against silver-colored or blue dials.  Contrast is a key theme, exemplified by the dual layering of the face, where the counters have a sun brushed finish and the surface framing them an opaline one. The asymmetric appeal is underlined by the offsetting of the hour counter that confidently occupies the space usually taken by the numbers counting down the final 15 minutes of each hour. A choice of leather or stainless steel attachment