International Airshows

Free Flight World Masters

The Free Flight World Masters, also a highlight in the Hamilton agenda, takes place in cities throughout France.

Offering spectators stunning aerobatics, the stunt pilots “battle” one another in free flight with accompanying music. The audience then votes for a winner of the battle, based on who performed the most impressive and fascinating aerobatics. The first Free Flight World Masters in Valence will take place in July 2015 and the equivalent show is set for the fifth time in Sainte-Maxime in October 2015; for both events Hamilton is the official timekeeping sponsor. The Free Flight World Masters in Sainte-Maxime has become the gathering spot for a record-breaking attendance of 140,000 flight enthusiasts and spectators, enjoying the magnificent show by the beautiful beach in the south of France. The lineup this year includes flying displays by the world famous La Patrouille de France, Tiger helicopters and of course the Hamilton planes.

Other important international airshows Hamilton partners:

Volkel in de Wolken Hamilton Airshow, The Netherlands

Swiss National Aerobatics Championship, Reichenbach, Switzerland