Ambassador Nicolas Ivanoff


“It’s like drawing in the sky“
Nicolas Ivanoff, pilot and Hamilton brand ambassador

Hamilton and brand ambassador Nicolas Ivanoff not only share a deep-rooted passion for flying but they celebrate 12 years (2005-2017) of partnership in the cockpit. The leading French aerobatic pilot is an expert when it comes to the “creativity” involved in taking skill and technology to the skies in his racing airplanes. Bringing Hamilton and Nicolas Ivanoff even closer together is a strong mutual commitment to reach new heights with expertise, performance and emotion.

Nicolas Ivanoff’s aerobatic career seems ironic when he puts it into the context of his childhood ambitions: “As a kid I dreamt of getting into motor racing but my mother didn’t want me to because she thought it was too dangerous!”. He discovered aerobatics by chance, after spending several years making a living as a pilot instructor. But then came the fateful day at the beginning of the 1990s when he flew a CAP 10 aerobatic plane for the first time. “It was a revelation”, recalls Ivanoff, who originally comes from Corsica. “I was angry at myself for not getting into this sport sooner”. 

Nicolas’s expertise can be found not only in the sky but also in the design and development of Hamilton timepieces, providing the brand with a great deal of insight on integrating real, relevant aviation functionality into the Khaki collection. He joined the design team to create pilot watches like the Khaki X-Wind that provides a drift angle calculator and the Khaki Pilot Auto with its typical pilot look made of big dial and easy-to-read luminous numbers and indices. Or more recently the Hamilton Khaki Chrono Worldtimer, a stylish quartz chronograph which has been developed for the 10 years anniversary between the two aviation passionate. This special timepiece is equipped with the Hamilton movement H-41e and has the ability to accurately tell the time across the world’s 24 standard time zones. By pressing the 10” pusher the UTC time can be displayed and the mode selected between the chronograph and the world timer. The minutes, far more important than hours to pilots, are instantly legible, with the first four clearly marked in yellow. This pays tribute to the aerobatics inspiration, being the length of the freestyle program in competitions, with a penalty applying if it’s exceeded. 



Nicolas Ivanoff is a French pilot and instructor, born in Ajaccio (Corsica) on July 4th 1967. He started aerobatics at the beginning of the 1990s and by 1997 he was already a member of the French Aerobatics Team. Every year since then he has consistently finished in the top 10 in various aerobatic competitions, be it European or World Championships.

Considered as a French leading pilot, the Quick Corsican, as he’s called, joined the Hamilton team as brand ambassador in 2005, and is flying the world ever since in his Hamilton branded aircraft. Performing every season at international official competitions, but also giving strong emotions to the audience of various Air Shows worldwide like Oshkosh, Wisconsin (US), the Free Flight Shows in France and Red Bull Air Races around the world. Smoke on: loops, snap rolls, verticals up, etc. turn himself upside down while leaving a white smoky mark in the sky and the public on the ground impressed and dreamy…

2017 Calendar


February 10th-11th
Red Bull Air Race Abu Dhabi, UAE

April 15th-16th
Red Bull Air Race San Diego, USA

June 3rd-4th
Red Bull Air Race Chiba, Japan

July 1st-2nd
Red Bull Air Race Budapest, Hungary

July 22nd-23rd
Red Bull Air Race Kazan, Russia

September 2nd-3rd
Red Bull Air Race Porto, Portugal

September 16th-17th
Red Bull Air Race Lausitzring, Germany

October 14th-15th
Red Bull Air Race Indianapolis, Indiana, USA




7,330        Flying hours

5,970       Aerobatic flying hours

2016         5th place at the Red Bull Air Race World Championship Standings 

2015         9th place at the Red Bull Air Race World Championship Standings 

2014         4th place at the Red Bull Air Race World Championship Standings 

2013        9th place at the FAI World Aerobatic Championships in Sherman, Texas, USA

2012       Silver in Team at the FAI European Aerobatic Championships in Slovakia

2010        6th place in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship standings

2009         5th place in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship standings

                    Winner of the Red Bull Air Race in San Diego, California, USA

2008         Silver at the Red Bull Air Race in London, UK

                    7th place at the European Championships

                    Bronze at the European Championships Free

2007         Winner of the Red Bull Air Race in Perth, Australia





The Aircraft - Edge 540

Nicolas’ Hamilton branded EDGE 540 is a single seat, mid-wing aerobatic monoplane, offering an exceptional aerobatic performance during races and airshows. 


Roll Rate                            450°/sec

Climb Rate                         3,700ft/min

Empty weight                    531kg

Max Gross weight             750kg

Fuel tank cap.                    12 gal

Vne                                      220kts / 253mph

Vs                                        93kts / 58mph

Wingspan                           24.4ft / 7.43m

Length                                24.4ft / 7.43m  

Load factor                        +/-12G





The Aircraft - Extra 330 LX

Nicolas’ Hamilton branded Extra 330 LX is a two-seat, tandem arrangement, low wing aerobatic monoplane, offering an exceptional aerobatic experience to passengers. 


Roll Rate                            400°/sec

Climb Rate                         3,200ft/min

Empty weight                    660kg

Max Gross weight             950kg

Fuel tank cap.                    49.9 gal

Vne                                      220kts / 253mph

Vs                                        55kts / 63mph

Wingspan                           26.3ft / 8.0m

Length                                23.1ft / 7.2m  

Load factor                        +/-10G