Air Zermatt

Rescue mission by helicopter at 3200 m altitude

High-flying, thrilling Event in Zermatt (Switzerland) was planned in close collaboration with Air Zermatt for the launch of the new Khaki Flight Timer pilot watch

Hamilton has developed a new pilot watch, the Khaki Flight Timer, in close collaboration with Air Zermatt, the prestigious transport and rescue helicopter company. The multi-functional model integrates a dedicated pilots’ logbook to record details of up to 20 flights. Its launch marks the signing of an official partnership between the two aviation pioneers. Air Zermatt is a real pioneer for modern helicopter rescue and transportation, successfully executing a wide variety of passenger and sightseeing flights as well as life saving missions each and every day. The company’s speed and reliability extends well beyond the borders of Switzerland. Recently, a pilot and a mountain rescuer of the company received the Heroism Award for their daring rescue of three alpinists in the high peaks of Nepal. It was the highest rescue mission ever performed with a helicopter. This was the third time that a rescue team of Air Zermatt has earned this prestigious award from officials in Washington, D.C.