IFC Mall Hamilton Pop-up Store Open


HAMILTON has opened a pop-up store at IFC mall in YeoYi-Do to celebrate the 5th year anniversary since launching the brand in Korea. While presenting an interesting variety of Hamilton watches, there is also a small Vintage exhibition. Additionally, five of the main collections will be shown in different themes each month: The Jazzmaster and  Shaped line from the American Classic collection, and the Field, Aviation and Navy line from the Khaki collection.

While the Jazzmaster collection represents Hamilton's modern and classical style with a strong American spirit, the Shaped collection symbolizes innovation  through its iconic and unique designs of the Ventura and Pulsomatic. The Khaki collection dives into Hamilton’s rich history, which includes 100 years of pilot watches, the production of 1,000,000 timekeepers for the American soldiers, who served in World War II and the Marine Chronometer which demonstrated unrivalled accuracy in 1940. During the next 5 months all of these collections can be admired at the IFC mall in YeoYi-Do.