Behind the Camera
Awards 2016

Los Angeles, USA
6th of November, 2016

Since 2006

The 9th Edition


What are we doing?

It takes hundreds, sometimes thousands of people to make a movie. Many of them play key roles behind the camera, never appearing on screen. It is the talent and hard work of these individuals that generate the beautiful costumes, effective props and brilliant camera work that contribute to the overall success of a movie.

In grateful appreciation of their immense talent, Hamilton is proud to be honoring off-screen heroes for their personal contributions to the movie industry. The honorees are selected from movies released during the year and/or qualified and presented at the most recent prestigious movie festivals of Cannes, Toronto and Venice as well as at the Festival of the American Film Institute. Nominated in various categories such as screenwriter, customer designer or film editor, honorees get to be in front of the camera while they receive an award as recognition of their brilliant work. 

I am very grateful to Hamilton for honoring the people who never get honored while we get showered with too many honors. - James Wood, Actor, 2007


Hamilton’s long lasting relationship with prop masters and costume designers gave birth in 2007 to the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards, an opportunity to thank our cinema partners and continue to build Hamilton’s history with cinema. Hosted annually by the brand alternatively in Los Angeles and China, the event is attended by famous honorees and celebrities as well as international press.


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