Hamilton BTCA China 2014


3rd Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards China

Hamilton watches hosted the 3rd Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards China at the noble Shanghai Theatre center last week. The awards ceremony, co-hosted by Elle Men China paid tribute to the brilliant behind-the-scenes talents whose individual work has contributed to the quality of a motion picture and to the lasting impression that it has left on movie audiences. The famous Jury included Ann Hui (Chairman&HK Director); Wang Xueqi (Actor); Yu Liwei (Photographer); Huo Tingxiao (Art Director) and Mai Jia (Writer).


The Hamilton BTCA China 2014 included the following list of honorees and presenters:


Best Screen Writer                                        Diao Yinan "Black Coal, Thin Ice"

Best Photographer                                         Dong Jingsong "Black Coal,Thin Ice"  

Best Art Director                                            Mai Guoqiang "Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon"

Best Costume Design                                   Li Bijun "Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon"

Best Editor                                                        Du Yuan "Western Sunshine"

Best Lighting Director                                   Li Longyu & Yuan Lirong "Touch of the Light"

Best Original Score                                         Wen Zijie & Huang Yuxiang "Touch of the Light"

Best Audio Effect                                           Yang Jiang & Zhaonan "The Great Hypnotist"

Best Action Director                                      Ling Zhihua "Unbeatable"

ELLEMEN Most Outstanding                      Lu Yang "Brotherhood of Blades"

Breakthrough Spirit Award

Hamilton Special Achievement Award    Ann Hui