Last week, a special ceremony took place at the Air Base in Armilla, Granada (Spain): The CEO of Hamilton International Ltd., Sylvain Dolla, delivered the Hamilton Khaki X–Patrol to the pilots of the Patrulla ASPA. As the official watch of the Patrulla ASPA, the brand has created a special edition of the Khaki X-Patrol with an integrated Patrulla ASPA logo.
The ceremony was attended by several important personalities of the Spanish Air Force, important media and the Hamilton team. The journalists had the opportunity to fly over Granada on a helicopter of the Patrol. Patrulla ASPA is the Air Force Patrol based at 78 Wing (Base Aérea de Armilla, Granada) and consists of several helicopters, each one piloted by two Air Force officers, who are also flight instructors at the School of Air Force.