Aircraft Exhibition at Tsuen Wan - Hong Kong


Hamilton has a long history with the sky, and the brand’s passion in flying is no surprise. In order to showcase the brand’s passion in aviation, a 1:1 aircraft model jointly made by Hamilton and the Swiss aircraft manufacturer MSW Aviation has arrived in Hong Kong for an exhibition at Discovery Park, Tsuen Wan from the 1st to the 31st of July. The Hamilton Aircraft Exhibition kicked off on 1st July, and the brand has invited models to grace the occasion as well as bringing the summer hotness to a new height.

The tie of aviation industry and Hamilton could be traced back to 1919, when Hamilton started its great contribution of making aviation timepieces for the development of American aviation industry. The passion of Hamilton towards flying continues in the 21st century, and the brand has invited Nicolas Ivanoff, a French Aerobatic pilot, to be its Ambassador. In addition, Hamilton is collaborating with the Swiss aircraft manufacturer MSW Aviation to bring a branded, orange and black VOTEC 221 mock-up plane on a series of world tours. Built on a 1:1 basis using components qualified for real aircrafts, it has a wingspan of 20.7 feet, a length of over 19.5 feet, a height of around 5.25 feet and a weight of about 1,000 pounds. The longed-for aircraft has arrived in Hong Kong and Hamilton cordially invites aviation enthusiasts to pay a visit to this legendary partner of Nicolas Ivanoff from the 1st to the 31st of July at the Level 1 Exhibition Area at Discovery Park, Tsuen Wan and take off a journey with Hamilton.


Apart from the aircraft, the Exhibition is also showcasing the new and exciting launches from Hamilton at BASELWORLD 2014 including the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind, the Hamilton Pan Europ and many more. Hamilton Khaki X-Wind is the latest aviation wristwatch by the brand, which not only tells the time accurately regardless of altitude, but also houses a drift-angle calculator to satisfy the technical and aesthetic demands of all aviation enthusiasts. Hamilton Pan Europ presents the brand’s fans the one essential partner on the sports ground, housing a high-performance automatic movement, the Hamilton Pan Europ certainly brings out the best of you in sports. The Hamilton aircraft, paired with the two sophisticated Hamilton timepieces, the Hamilton Aircraft Exhibition is definitely the highlight of the town for this summer. During the exhibition, visitors could receive a Hamilton aircraft model as an exclusive gift upon purchase of any Hamilton timepieces at designated CTF Watch stores. Now is the perfect time to visit the exhibition and experience the aviation passion of Hamilton wristwatches.