Biel, September 2013 – Dual existence is the ultimate magical ingredient of fairytales and fantasy movies. Hamilton watches have appeared in a wide selection of movies on this theme, ranging from The Talented Mr Ripley to Spider-Man. The Swiss made American brand treads new watchmaking ground in 2013 by applying the concept of dual identity to its latest innovation, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face. Avant-garde and classical embrace each other in a watch with two distinct personalities, guaranteed never to come face to face, on or off screen.
In the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face there are two different sides to the design concept – and to the timepiece itself. A unique rotating case houses two dials, one presenting a sophisticated “boy racer” chronograph, the other a calm, elegant three-hand timekeeper. The common denominator of the two contrasting faces are the decorated, skeletonized rotors of each automatic movement, fully visible in the oval-shaped case. Only 888 numbered pieces of the Jazzmaster Face 2 Face are being made.