Maintenance Service

Like all micro-mechanical precision instruments, your Hamilton watch should be checked at least once every two years. Entrust your watch to an authorized Hamilton repair center or to any other professional watch service. To keep your watch water-resistant, make sure that its sealing features are tested at every check-up.

Five basic rules for maintaining the water-resistance of your watch
1. Have your watch checked regularly.
2. Do not move the crown when you are in water.
3. Rinse off your watch with fresh water after any immersion in seawater.
4. Dry your watch whenever it gets wet.
5. Have your watch checked for water-resistance by an authorized Hamilton retailer or by any other professional watch service each time the case is opened.

The water-resistance of your watch is indicated on the case back.
Water resistance and pressure equivalent used in Anglo-Saxon countries:
3 bar (30 m) / 43 psi (98.4 ft)
5 bar (50 m) / 73 psi  (164 ft)
10 bar (100 m) /145 psi (328 ft)15 bar (150 m) /217 psi (492 ft)
20 bar (200 m) /290 psi (656.1 ft)
100 bar (1000 m) /1450 psi (3280.8 ft)

Leather straps
Hamilton recommends that you follow the steps below in order to preserve the condition of your leather strap for as long as possible:
• Avoid contact with water and dampness to prevent discoloration and deformation.
• Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight to prevent the color from fading.
• Do not forget that leather is permeable! Therefore avoid contact with greasy substances and cosmetic products.
• If you have a problem with your leather strap, please contact your nearest Hamilton retailer.

Watch batteries can last between two and five years, depending on the watch type, its size and the amount of energy used by the various functions. If the seconds hand starts to move in 4-second steps, the battery should be changed by your Hamilton agent.

Replacing the battery
We recommend that you contact an approved Hamilton service centre or authorised Hamilton retailer, as they are equipped with the tools and apparatus required to carry out the work and the necessary checks in a professional manner. A worn-out battery should be replaced immediately in order to reduce the risk of leakage and consequent damage to the movement.

Battery type
Button-type zinc-silver oxide primary battery cell.