Joseph-Anthony Fine Jewelry

Joseph-Anthony Fine Jewelry is an authorized Hamilton retailer. Only websites linking to an authentication page at are those of the authorized retailers.

Official retailers of Hamilton watches

Please make sure that you are buying your Hamilton watch from a retailer authorized by Hamilton International Ltd. or by the Hamilton Division of any Swatch Group affiliate (collectively “Hamilton”).

Why official retailers?

Hamilton watches offered by official retailers are subject to unique quality control by Hamilton. Quality control measures are taken during the transportation and storage of watches and also include product inspections. Buying a watch from an official retailer means that you can benefit from repair services and other after-sales services with a peace of mind.

Where are official retailers located?

Locate your nearest official retailers on the following Hamilton web page:

Are you buying a Hamilton watch online?

If yes, please confirm that the website of the retailer bears an official Hamilton retailer logo.

A website of an official retailer has either of the above logos.
Click on the logo, and the window on the right will appear as proof of an official Hamilton retailer website.